About Us & The Materials We Use

We are childhood friends with a passion for fine furniture, impeccable quality, and elegant simplicity.  Boyd & Allister began making furniture together in an old garage in 2009.  While we've since relocated and production has grown, we still handle every step of the process from design to delivery, customizing pieces to perfectly fit the needs of our patrons.  Our furniture begins with renewable domestic hardwoods, which we hand pick for consistency of figure, color, and quality.  We maintain close relationships with local lumberyards as well as small scale sawyers in New Mexico and around the country, ensuring that careful attention goes into every piece of wood, large or small.



Heirloom Quality & Contemporary Style  

Raised in eastern Pennsylvania, we were surrounded by traditionally constructed furniture and buildings that have endured centuries, and it is that level of quality that has set the benchmark for our work.  We utilize many of these time-honored joinery techniques and understanding of solid wood construction that have made traditional woodwork so endured, and adapt them to the clean simple lines of contemporary design and modern materials.  This synthesis creates a timeless aesthetic rooted in traditional durability and furniture that will last for generations.       

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The Process

By Hand & By Eye

From the moment it enters our small shop in the residential Railyard District of Santa Fe, the rough lumber that will eventually become fine furniture is handled countless times in cycles of refinement.  While our machines are the workhorses that allow us to produce efficiently and precisely, it is the individual attention paid to each piece of wood, a keen eye for detail and proportion, and the finesse of fine hand tools that are the defining features of our work.  

When each piece of furniture has been planed and sanded to a fine finish, we hand rub traditional oil and waxes that build a natural satin patina over time or a varnish that offers durable protection and deep luster. Both highlight the natural colors and depth of fine wood and make our furniture pieces that improve with the years.